DYOR like a pro | All you need with Ethplorer charts 🤓

📈 We have updated our charts and added some great new features.
Now it’s even hotter than before! Our unique set of data covers all your needs for daily market reviews and more. All the charts are perfectly functional on mobile too, so you won’t lose any functionality with a touch interface. What a rarity!

This simple, yet powerful, set of tools allows you to perform technical and fundamental analysis for your daily market review. Ethplorer charts display data for any address, whether it’s your own, somebody else’s, or a publicly known address.

Best of all: historical balances ie. the sum of assets in tokens on a particular address, is shown on Ethplorer valued in USD. How handy! 📉

Take a look at the list of 🔝 chart features:

Seamless mobile functionality: get all the features from your desktop version adapted to your mobile!
Fast zooming: buttons for time scale make searching even faster.

  • Candlestick charts for token prices: it’s possible to see detailed price movement, including the daily max/min, and not just the average price;
  • Get the max/min price for any timeframe of your choosing;
  • M10 & M30 - get the moving average index within a selected range;

And, of course:

  • Historical change in price;
  • Number of transactions;
  • Trade volume;
  • Market cap;


Crypto accounting is getting even better! Stay tuned for more details!