Developers, this one’s for you 🚀 Shiny new API Panel 🤓

🔧 New API Panel🔧

Hey developers - the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Using your personal Ethplorer account, you now have access to a host of cool API features, including:

  • Automated panels and charts for API keys explicitly made for developers. Now you can create and activate API keys yourself in just a few minutes.
  • Full statistics and charts on the usage of your keys and overspending limits.
  • A list of the latest service requests from your keys for easy debugging.
  • A personal account with the key attached.
  • API FAQs / Direct communication with the community.

API Key management
API Key management

API Chart
API Chart

If you already use the API key — we have automatically created your account and attached your key. To gain access, just go to the profile and use the password recovery link. Then, go to API Panel section. Enjoy!

And here’s the big reveal: a brand-new type of API is now available! But it works in a test mode and without limitation at this time.


With it, you’re able to monitor all the addresses you ever need (yes, even a million, yes, even more than a million if you want) with minimal resources and minimal coding!

For Early Birds the keys remain same, check the FAQ there.


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