Watch your bag 👀 Ethplorer's watching service to make your life easier

We don’t need to remind you how dramatic and sudden crypto market changes can be. What we really must do though is let you about Ethplorer’s new feature called "Watching Service." This service is free for all registered Ethplorer users and it might just make your (crypto) life a whole lot better!

“What is the Watching Service, and how does it work, exactly?” We hear you ask. The simplicity of it is genius! It's an activity notification system for Ethereum blockchain transactions. Just add the address you want to track into your Watch List by clicking the button next to the address. You will receive an alert whenever a transaction happens. Easy!

And it works to simplify the life of the crypto enthusiast. Which, by the way, looks something like this:

It's like you have obsessive currency disorder when you are refreshing a page over and over again. Waiting for a transaction to clear when the network is congested or waiting
for tokens to drop – it's always the same – an endless cycle of checking and re-checking, distracting you from the regular daily schedule. With the new Watching Service, this won’t be your life anymore!

Here are the ways in which the Watching Service can make your life easier, all from just one browser window.

Manage your earnings

With the Watching Service, tracking your earnings becomes even easier, especially if you combine it with other handy Ethplorer features. You will receive a Telegram message or an email notification (whatever you chose) whenever you receive a payment. No need to refresh the page endlessly when the network is congested.

Since you’ve tagged all your clients with Ethplorer’s tagging feature, you’ll know exactly which payment you received and when. So now it's precisely clear which client fulfills obligations on time and in full. Since you’ll always know what you’re receiving and when, you’ll always notice any incoming airdrop (and will be able to flip those tokens immediately, or not, we’re not giving any investment advice ;)

Keep your funds secure

"Watching" your addresses can save your funds from stealing. Terrible things can happen in the crypto world: somebody can get your private key, you can become the victim of a phishing scam, or browser vulnerabilities can make you susceptible to hacks.

When the worst happens, you have only one chance to save your funds: notice the hack in time and transfer funds to another wallet. Every second is worth its weight in gold. That's why it's important to get notified about outgoing transactions when you are not expecting them.

  • Set a notification by clicking the "Watch" button. The system will automatically send a message to your email or Telegram (or both, whichever you prefer)
  • Filter outgoing transactions.

Get ahead of the curve with your investments

Investment management gets its bonuses! Set the notifications on any address of your interest. Put on monitoring some addresses of projects to see the activity on them: distributing donations or the start of an activity.

The watching service will signal you that some DeFi-tokens have begun to be distributed if the contract has already been published and there are no transactions yet. So you will have the advantage over others because you will have time to claim that DeFi tokens before the users start taking them to their wallets, and the Ethereum network will be overloaded.

Avoid FOMO and DYOR like a pro

The fear of missing out on the crypto market is a real one for every person. It's that nagging voice that tells you, "Everyone is profiting more than you." Or "You're missing the train to the Moon! "

FOMO is a severe issue in the community, and if you suffer from it, it can lead to terrible mistakes. Investing is never an emotional act—and if it is, you're doing it wrong.
Don't believe in insider information in speculating chats or Twitter influencers; monitor the real deal!

  • Use the Ethporer Watching Service to monitor the actual transfers of thought leaders and popular crypto influencers;
  • Put a tag and note on the address of public figures to ease your search on Ethplorer;
  • Set a notification by clicking the "Watch" button. The system will automatically send a message to your email or Telegram (or both, whichever you prefer) when there's a new transaction on that address;

Get to know if they are HODLers or flippers. With the new Ethplorer Watching Service, you’ll be able to see immediately if the most vehement crypto proponents immediately transfer their “hot” tokens to an exchange, or flip them on a DEX. This kind of information can help you get your rose-tinted spectacles off and make you see the real deal. After all, real data is way more useful than hundreds of enthusiastic, branded posts on Twitter.

Now that you’re armed with how to use the Watching Service, here’s a run-down of what exactly it can do (so that you can come up with your own exciting use cases):

  • Send a Telegram message about transactions to a selected address.
  • Send email and Telegram notifications (custom notifications about ETH and ERC-20 token transactions or other events from your Ethplorer account)
  • The service is free, and the available message limits are so high that you are unlikely to need more.
  • Transaction Filters: Incoming/ Outgoing. Filter junk by disabling notifications without prices.
  • Monitor token contracts (not only addresses).

Remember, Ethplorer helps you keep everything crypto-related in one place. We are looking forward to showing more great stuff we have in mind, but let's do it in the right order! We recommend you implement newly announced features into your daily activity, and get yourself ready for the next level!