🔍 Off the scale crypto explorer / Ethplorer extended search 🔎

🚀 The Ethereum blockchain is a bit like outer space: there are hundreds of thousands of tokens based on this blockchain spread like stars throughout the galaxy. Nothing will stop this exponential growth, so you will need the best explorer to navigate you to the Moon... Ethplorer’s new and improved search feature is just the tool you need for crypto navigation!

In crypto trading, if you are searching for “USD” you would expect to have the most popular or highest market cap tokens show up first, tokens such as USDT, USDC, TUSD, and BUSD. Instead, with some websites, your searches will probably throw up rare tokens (or even scam tokens) that start with USD at the top of your search results.

At this stage it’s become normal to have archaic tokens or even scam tokens ranked above SERP in cryptocurrency searches.

Well, we say that this is far from normal! We say - no more!

🔝 Ethplorer’s new and improved search engine shows you the most relevant and latest tokens first. Obscure and unpopular tokens fall to the bottom of the pile, thanks to our new ranking mechanism. ❌

Token ranking is based on many factors, not just the price. It takes other things into account like general transaction activity and the latest fund flow activity of a token. Wow!

Best of all, you can use the search feature for much more than just tokens. You can be served everything all in one search bar 🍸

You can look up popular or well-known addresses. Look them up using a generic tag on Ethplorer (DeFi, Binance etc.), or your private tag and note. Check out how one user organizes his crypto workflow using our tags and notes here.

Want to hear about another nifty (or should we say nerdy) use of the feature? The Ethplorer search lets you look up addresses or tokens with particular numbers in them. For example, you can look up addresses that start with, or include, nines and zeros.

Like this 👇

BTW if you need to hide your tags (who knows why) you can turn them off anytime. All the data will stay completely safe on your account 😎

😋 Go have fun with Ethplorer search - and try it out on your mobile! 🛰 →

Please give us your feedback on the tools and tell us about all the latest and coolest research you’ve been doing with Ethplorer!

Crypto accounting is getting even better! Stay tuned for more details!